Project RR

Getting meta

This website is technically a personal project, so I'll put it on here. Since it's an ongoing project, I'll use this page to give a little background, an overview of past versions, and planned features.


I figured I should showcase some of the projects I'm proud of. This site also serves as a record of my past. I also enjoy writing project summaries; it helps me think about what I like/dislike about each one and prepare for the next one.

The Projects page is mostly used for displaying my larger personal projects. I'm a young professional, so I should keep a record of my accomplishments. The Workshop holds all of my self-run experiments and fun little distractions. I like to work with data, so I'll be doing a few survey-based analyses and using D3 to explain the results. I also link to my Medium blog. I usually write about tech, but sometimes I like to share my thoughts on the mind, social phenomena, or any random thing I feel like thinking about that day.