About Me

"Matt, what are you doing up so early?" - A friend, 10:00 PM

I'm an easily excited and highly passionate builder.

What do I do?

I work on projects because tech is cool. I've gone through phases of general software engineering, data science/visualization (especially with sociological data), decentralized economics (blockchain) and complex systems. I'm a huge fan of beautiful data, so making interactive visualizations is one of my favorite pastimes. I'm also very involved in the entrepreneurship space at UIUC, where I promote entrepreneurship on campus through Founders and connect student startups to the people they need to succeed.

What am I like?

In my free time, I like meeting new people and reading. I'm fast-paced, open to everything, and drawn to high-signal sources. I like friends who change my mind and challenge me. You can probably get to know me better by looking through my blog posts or sending me a message :)

How did I start?

I started programming in high school. I was a pretty bored (i.e. unattentive) student, so when I figured out that you could write your own programs on your calculator, I printed out the entire TI-Basic programming manual and got to work. I skipped the hello world tutorial to start making guessing games, then graduated to calculus programs (so many riemann sums), then decided that programming in a calculator really just sucks. I went on to web development, and my first project was a (barely functional) Bitcoin exchange. You can read about that and some other projects on the projects page. From there, I gradually shifted towards data science and visualization, machine learning, and complex systems and simulations. My latest research combines ideas from all of those fields.