Project GLEAM

Return of the AbbVie

I returned to AbbVie for a second summer to work with a different kind of project. My role was more established this time, so I had a lot of creative freedom with the work I did. My first project for the summer was to reverse-engineer an open-source gene enrichment website so that AbbVie could use it to enrich its proprietary gene sets. That was the main motivation, but I also thought the provided website was designed less-than-ideally, so I reworked a lot of the frontend. I continued to work on this project at AbbVie's Innovation Center down in UIUC for two semesters, mostly maintaining it and adding new features.

I'm currently trying to figure out how much of the project I can reveal, since it's a currently live internal application and some of the data associated with it is proprietary. I'll update this page when I have the all-clear!